Âme Pure … 

So I’ve never had great skin – in fact I have terrible skin and I’ve had to have pills/ antibiotics/ complete diet overhauls to try and rebalance my skin. I get really bad acne breakouts. I can’t stay on the pill because it makes me one very mean & angry little hot head! Antibiotics work to a degree eventually – but make me very poorly on the few date nights me & the husband have, and I would rather try and work it out naturally if possible. 
I’ve given up on creams, just because I don’t find any of them do what they promise to completely – there’s always a degree of disappointment – obviously because they have to exaggerate to sell it to you in the first place. If they all worked the world 🌎 would be full of flawless 16 year olds. No one would age.

But âme pure is different – it’s not the cream I’m interested in it’s the face Derma roller – from what I gather it’s loads of needles puncture the skin so it has to keep regenerating – hopefully better. The kit comes with the roller , 1x sanitizer spray & a cream . Being Black Friday week there was a discount so I went for the platinum – apparently a better collagen cream for after you’ve rolled!

First impressions the needles look scary 👀 but comes well packaged, I think they’re trying to make it look more upmarket than it is – for instance it just isn’t as heavy as I imagined it would be and the cream bottles it’s the same feel a little plasticky. However not worried I didn’t buy into the cream I want To try the roller – I can’t find any bad reviews on it online anywhere!! 

So first night was last night – you have to use the sanitizer spray to start with on your hands face and the roller- went a little OTT with this part- in fact managed to use half the spray up, mainly in my eyes to be exact . So after pepper spraying myself and biting my lips so as not to make a squeal and god forbid wake the kids up. I prepare to roll- I follow all the how to videos I’ve watched on YouTube – a pretty big step because I’m actually petrified of needles! 

My skin doesn’t feel any different after and it certainly isn’t sore nor was it during, a little prickly at best but overwall quite a nice sensation- applying the cream afterwards is I found, what caused my face to become a little red but it faded quickly within an hour or so. Figuring this may increase each time. They recommend to roll every other day for every other week. 
Now I’m not sure if it’s like placebo effect but this morning my skin actually felt smoother and I didn’t have any gross dry crusty bits – may this product actually work? 
We shall see – watch this space! 

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