Meet the boys …

My amazing two! I always thought there would never be anything as special as watching my big lad grow, learn new things & develop the way kids have this habit of doing. However, watching boy no.2 doing all this again, but with the bonus of seeing first hand the beautiful & unique bond between siblings blossom – that’s so out of this world!

Every time the big one tells me that the little told him to shoot his nerf gun bullets into the toilet , the same little one whose only just mastering ‘mum mum’, my heart melts so much! The nerf gun into the toilet though – true story & the bullets are still floating about in there. 

James my eldest will shortly be coming up to four & his brother Rafael coming up to ten months. They’re both so very different , James always had out of this world hand to eye coordination & has always been some sort of natural born athelete sportsman, whereas Rafa eats- really well & all the time , and quite literally anything . One nappy change an entire Spider-Man sticker came out , mummy panic mode that there was bright red blood in my little babies poo, digging around heart pounding and there under a bit more poo Spider-Man ‘well done’ for good behaviour sticker, pointing his web shooting hand straight at me! So they are both very different but the exact same brand of cheeky. I have a feeling they’re going to each other’s back up for life, whether ones stolen the others chocolate or destroyed their lego gun toting fire engine. 

You’ll be hearing lots of hilarious stories coming up from them! 

Night night 😘 

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