First Blog.


Ok so here goes!

Basically I want to use this blog to talk about all things mum. Good days & funny as hell experiences that come from letting toddlers, not just into your life, but allowing them to dictate every waking moment of it.

Also to give some reviews and my opinion on any great products I’ve tried out recently, show off some of my boys seriously cool & cute outfits, detoxes & superfoods that might give us some energy to carry on with this crazy job we as mums do! I mean it is seriously crazy, what other job in the world would give you a boss whose say? Three years old? Obsessed with YouTube & on the odd occasion likes to pretend he’s called Barry – which is not even close to his actual name.

Anyway to start I’m in need of some life energy boosting magic or something- after all there are millions of products out there all the time all making some serious promises weight loss, mental health , glowing skin etc .but for me? Well my second baby just learnt to crawl!!! So my job just notched up a whole gear . So I’m going to see in this wonderful milestone of his life with a Tea Detox – yes I’m hoping it gives me all the energy & patience I’m going to need until the next milestone – walking!

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