My BooTea Tea Detox Experience- 

So all over my facebook feed for a few months now have been these teatox adds with gorgeous girls posing in their underwear or tiny gym wear all clasping a ‘BooTea travel cup’. Always one for a fad I’ve been itching to test it out. And here is why.. 

So my youngest is now 9 months old, so as they say it takes the body 9 months to grow a baby you should give it at least 9 months to go back to normal- well I have – but I still do not feel ‘normal’. 

My thighs are much bigger than ever before – same as my bum – as my husband loves to tease me about- so my little size six river island jeans are staying tucked away in my bottom drawer- for now. 

However it’s far from just weight issues my skin is still massively playing up – I have always struggled with acne but right now it feels a little out of all control. During and after my pregnancy I dealt with a lot of anxiety, including frequent panic attacks and this also brought on some depression. Although I’ve worked and had a lot of help working through these I still get some small bouts of anxiety.

So I’m hoping this teatox Detox is going to give me a mass boost of well being!  

I’ve ordered the BooTea Winter Survival kit this includes :

14 day & 7 night Detox tea bags 

30 days worth of vitamins (2 per day)

14 servings of BooTea Porridge with matcha 

& my very wanted BooTea travel cup. 

On top of this I’ve also ordered the popcorn. It does all look a little pricey compared to what I could get in a supermarket but I seriously buying into this brand – I’ve even got the husband on it ..


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